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Israel tests missile amid tensions over Syria

20130826-123243.jpgIn a combined exersice with the U.S.A, Israel carried out a missile test in the Mediterranean Sea.

The joint military exercise was announced by The Israeli Defense Ministry on Tuesday, soon after The Russian defense ministry said it had detected the launch of “ballistic objects” in the region.

The Israeli Defense Ministry commented it launched one missile in an exercise that was controlled from a base in “the center of Israel.”

The U.S. reported that it provided “technical assistance and support” for the missile.

Pentagon spokesman George Little said in a statement, the test had nothing to do with U.S. consideration of military action against Syria for the government’s alleged use of chemical weapons and that the test had been long planned and was designed to evaluate the ability of Israel’s Arrow Ballistic Missile Defense system to detect and track information about possible threats to the country.

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