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LNP lack transparency in Election Australia 2013

image :JJ Harrison wikipedia -adapted
image :JJ Harrison wikipedia -adapted

image :JJ Harrison wikipedia -adapted

The conservative Liberal-National ( LNP) Coalition are showing a lack of transparency when it comes to their costings for the up coming Federal Election in Australia, 2013.

Christopher Bowen Australian Treasurer has accused the LNP of lacking transparency. They have shown a selected group of journalist some of their costings but aren’t allowed to take them away.

Three major policies of the Coalition, their broadband policy, their border protection policy and their climate change policy, are not even going to be costed by the Parliamentary Budget Office, let alone Treasury or the Department of Finance. These are major policies that they have been campaigning on. By not submitting them to the Parliamentary Budget Office, Treasury or the Department of Finance shows a lack of consideration for the economy and defrauds the public of a proper and accountable alternative.

The LNP are still yet to make their costings public so the voters can decide for themselves. They have announced that they will release them on Thursday, just three days before the election denying voters a proper chance to study the costings before deciding.

Treasurer Bowen said today at a press conference  ” If you’re so proud of your policies, you boast that you’ve submitted 200 policies to the Parliamentary Budget Office, why wouldn’t you share them with the Australian people? Why wouldn’t you share your cuts with the Australian people? This is not an appropriate way to deal with the Australian people in an election campaign.”

Joe Hockey, Shadow Treasure for LNP has pulled out of the third and final debate that had been agreed upon at the start of the election campaign.

2 Comments on LNP lack transparency in Election Australia 2013

  1. Next Saturday, we should all be very careful what we wish for, as the black holes just might hide things they don’t want us to see until after the election.
    Who can believe anything any of them have said.
    Like a child who has learnt how to respond to a parent, they only tell us what they know we want to hear.
    After the election, the smoke and mirrors will leave us all with tears in our eyes and bleeding from the cuts.
    Those who survive the 2013 election campaign will envy those who perished in it.
    In the meantime, we can only hope for the best and make sure the beer’s cold.



  2. The LNP announced they would release their costings Thursday – minus costings relative to their policies on broadband, border protection, and climate change. It’s 1.55pm & still no costings but I’m ever hopeful – all in good time. Of further concern is the threat of double dissolution if the LNP don’t get the senate & are unable to automatically get their policies through… is the objective to achieve ultimate control over both houses with no need to negotiate, irrespective of the will of the general population? – democracy or dictatorship, I think Murdock would be proud.

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