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Israel: Government Discuses Economic Development in the Minorities Sector

20130826-123243.jpgThe Cabinet discussed ways to integrate minority populations in the Israeli economy while recognizing the socio-economic importance of the process. The Cabinet also approved yesterday a draft decision according to which the government ministry director generals will – in the context of their annual work plans – prepare detailed work plans on the minorities sector that will be presented to Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) Director-General. Harel.

The Israeli government has an investment of NewIsraeliShekel 4 billion over the years 2010-2014, there has been a 10% increase in eligibility for matriculation in the minorities sector in 2012, a 40% increase in the number of exporters and an over 30% increase in exports from among minority populations, a 27% increase (approximately NIS 18 million) in loans granted by a designated fund for small businesses in the minorities sector.

During the discussion, data was presented on the main achievements of the plan in the past three years. The plan’s implementation rate currently stands at 82%.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said, “We must develop and encourage businesses among the non-Jewish population, and give them all the tools to succeed. We must invest in infrastructures, transportation, housing and education. We must give them the opportunity to develop. At the same time, we must work against the extremes in Arab society that try to prevent progress and development and to encourage isolationism. They are attacking those who want to integrate and, therefore, we will act against them. The future must be victorious over the past.”

PMO Director-General. Locker said, “The Government of Israel ascribes great importance to the integration of minority populations into Israeli society and the economy. Optimal integration will move the State of Israel forward. This is the challenge in which we are investing effort and resources and it is possible to see that it is already bearing fruit.”

Authority Director Aiman Saif said that the data shows that investing in the economic integration of minority populations has a high return for the state. Due to the major gaps, it is necessary to expand investments in order to exhaust the potential and assist in turning the State of Israel into an economic world leader. It has been proven that with professional work and optimal cooperation with the various government ministries and the target population, it is possible to implement government plans with great success.

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