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26 illegal immigrants sent to Nauru-Australia

The Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) today confirmed the fourth transfer of family groups under the regional settlement arrangement (RSA) to Nauru.

The group of 26 individuals, which includes 12 adults and 14 children, arrived at the regional processing centre in Nauru today where they will be accommodated while their claims are processed by the Nauruan Government.

A spokesperson for the department said the continued transfer of family groups under the RSA confirmed that everyone who arrives after July 19 would be transferred to a regional processing centre once health checks are complete.

“This latest transfer to Nauru sends the clearest possible message that coming to Australia by boat is not the way to gain Australian residency, and children or family groups will not be exempt from transfer,Exempting them would simply encourage people smugglers to put children on boats to Australia.”

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