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Australian Labor- $8 million to help stop Homophobia in Schools

The Australian Labor Party, in the midst of an election, has promised $8 million to help stop homophobia in schools.

In a statement today the ALP said that the funding will be provided to the Foundation for Young Australians.

The purpose of the $8 million is to help stop homophobia and to create more inclusive schools. The Australian Labor Government has launched a number of initiatives to combat bullying in all forms with in Australian society from school communities to the workplace.

Research that the the law firm Slater and Gordon did showed that one in three Australians believe they were bullied in the workplace, while one in four students are bullied at school.

The standing committee on Education and Employment commissioned a report entitled ” Workplace bullying,”we want it to stop”, the Australian Labor Government said the support in principal the recommendations of the report.

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