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Peacekeeper Killed in battle with rebels M23 – D.R.Congo – neither side gains ground

A peacekeeper has been killed in the eastern city of Goma, capital of North Kivu province ,the Democratic Republic of Congo, while U.N. and Congolese forces battle rebel group M23. Three other peacekeepers were wounded in Wednesday’s battle. On Friday,U.N. peacekeepers had also previously clashed with M23 when they fired at the rebels outside Goma after two civilians were killed by rebel artillery shells.

The attack targeted hillside positions from which the rebels had shelled civilians. VOA’s Somali Service in Goma said both sides took casualties in the fighting, and it appeared neither side gained any ground.

M23 briefly took control of Goma last year and still controls parts of North Kivu province. M23is made up of army solders who had deserted the army Congolese army deserted after complaining of discrimination and poor treatment.

The United Nations has a large peacekeeping operation in Congo, recently deployed an “Intervention Brigade” to fight rebel groups in the east and help stabilize the volatile region.

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