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United Kingdom & Germany-Syrian incident needs firm response

The Prime Minister of Great Britain has discussed the situation in Syria with Chancellor Merkel Of Germany and agreed that United Nations investigators should visit the site of the Chemical attack.

In a statement released by 10 Downing Street, London,The Prime Minister called Chancellor Merkel to discuss how the international community should respond to the chemical weapons attack in Syria last week.

The Prime Minister and the Chancellor both agreed that this was a very grave incident and that there was little doubt that it had been carried out by the regime, particularly given their refusal to grant the UN access to the site immediately after the attack.

They both agreed that investigators from the United Nations should visit the site to seek to establish further information but they both cautioned that people should be realistic about what they will be able to achieve and that, following continued shelling in recent days, any hard evidence is likely to have been corrupted.

Both countries agreed that such an attack demanded a firm response from the international community.

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