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Public in the United States deeply opposed to Syrian intervention

With the possibility of armed u.s intervention looming over Syria, after the chemical attack last week, the general public in the United States are deeply opposed to the idea.
A poll conducted by Reuters and Ipsos showed that only 9% of People in the U.S think Obama should intervene. 25 % of the population said that if the president of Syria did use chemical weapons and if there was proof they would support armed intervention.
The poll has shown how disconnected the population of the United States has become from the conflict – in other words if its not happening at home it’s not worth worrying about.
Some have said that the United Nations should take charge of the situation.  70% of respondents either didn’t care or were against intervening in the Syria crisis.
As the situation Deteriorates Syria is becoming a breeding ground for Islamic fundamentalists which will effect the stability and safety of surrounding nations such as Jordan, Iraq and Israel.


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