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  • A recent study out of the UK has shown that having more than 10 sexual partners over your lifetime is linked to a higher risk of cancer. Researchers studied the data of more than 5,700 men and women and found the relationship between the number of lifetime sexual partners and the risk of cancer. The researchers also stated that they can’t establish a cause but there is an implication of [...]
  • Thought you were good with food waste? Turns out you may not be and it may be related to just how much money you earn. A recent study by Dutch researchers has shown that food waste goes up with the increase of money in your pocket; more money in your pocket the more likely you are to waste food. The authors of the report said: “…consumers waste more than twice as much food as is commonly [...]
  • Today the Reserve Bank has shone a spotlight on stagnant wages growth. Some say this is one of the Morrison Government’s biggest economic failures. The warning comes as Australians head into Christmas too many are burdened by stagnant wages, skyrocketing bills and record debt. The RBA’s final Board Minutes of the year should send a powerful warning to the Morrison Government that [...]
  • Studies from Germany and the US state that male researchers appear to view their findings more positively than their female counterparts. Inspired by the under-representation of women in STEM, the researchers chose to investigate the use of terms that provide positive twists, such as “novel,” unique or “unprecedented” in the titles and abstracts of more than 100,000 [...]
  • Danielle Wood, Grattan Institute and Kate Griffiths, Grattan Institute As we come to the end of 2019, you’d be forgiven for being confused about the health of the economy. Treasurer Josh Frydenberg regularly points out that jobs growth is strong, the budget is heading back to surplus, and Australia’s GDP growth is high by international standards. The opposition points to sluggish wages [...]
  • Today’s Mid-Year Economic and Fiscal Outlook has destroyed the economic credibility of the Morrison Government. Australians are paying a high price for the Liberals’ incompetence which has delivered weaker economic and wages growth, skyrocketing living costs, higher unemployment and record high household and government debt. After months of insisting that the “fundamentals of [...]
  • The Morrison Government has been forced to reduce projected wage growth again, the 33rd time this government has misled the Australian people about wage growth. In this morning’s MYEFO the Government have reduced the forecast for wage growth, now claiming that it will not reach 3 per cent until 2022/23, revising their previous forecasts down 0.75 per cent for the years 2020/21 and 2021/22. The [...]
  • Treasure Frydenberg’s MYEFO documents confirm the Morrison government has now become the 2nd highest taxing government on record, the Only government with a higher tax take was that of Mr Howard. MYEFO documents show the Tax to GDP will be 23.4% in 2021-22. The MYEFO forecasts net debt for 2018-19 to increase from $361.1 billion at the time of the election PEFO to $392.3 billion, while it [...]
  • A study of the sleep patterns of Australian children and adolescents has found that around a quarter of 12-15 year-olds and half of 16-17 year-olds are not getting enough sleep on school nights to meet national sleep guidelines. [...]
  • According to the Lance, more than one in three low- and middle-income countries face both extremes of malnutrition with twin presence of obesity and undernutrition reflects shifts in food systems. Undernutrition and obesity can lead to effects across generations as both maternal undernutrition and obesity are associated with poor health in offspring. However, because of the speed of change in [...]
  • Becoming a parent is a major change in life for anyone. It is filled with hope, joy, and fear — and this is the case if you have grown up in a stable and safe environment. Things can be even harder if come from a family and society that has suffered for generations, where inter-generational conflict and abuse still plays out like many First Nations community in Australia. To help with this, a [...]
  • UK Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn says he will not lead the party in any future general election campaign” admitting his party has had a “disappointing night”. He also stated that they will have a discussion on the reflection of the party, the result, and policies and will lead the party during the process. He said he was very proud of the campaign and that they didn’t descend [...]
  • Simon F. Haeder, Pennsylvania State University; Deven Carlson, University of Oklahoma, and Joe Ripberger, University of Oklahoma Americans love their pets, spending more than US$70 billion last year on their beloved companions. This far exceeds the $7 billion spent on legal marijuana, and $32 billion on pizza, just for two examples. Of the $70 billion, close to $20 billion pays for veterinary [...]

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