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  • Queensland now has 6 new cases related to the Youth Detention Centre cluster. The cases are located in Bundamba, Marsden, Carindale, North Ipswich and Forest Lake. New restrictions are in place immediately for Brisbane,Logan, Ipswich, the Scenic Rim, Morton Bay and Lockey Valley (the whole greater Brisbane area, not the Gold Coast not the Sunshine Coast.) People can only have gatherings of 10 in [...]
  • A new peer-reviewed study from China shows that that household contact maybe the main way COVID-19 is being spread. People with a more server clinical case of COVID-19 were more likely to infect close contact. The study also found that contracting COVID-19 in a public space was less likely compared to a home context. The study included tracing 3410 people connected to 391 cases between January [...]
  • Bruno Domingos/Reuters Thomas McGee, University of Melbourne No child should be denied her rights because her parents are LGBTIQ+, and no family should have to endure the indignity we did. These are the words of Roee and Adiel Kiviti, a same-sex married couple who recently won a legal challenge against the US Department of State for refusing to consider their daughter an American citizen. Both [...]
  • Carolyn Kaster/AP Janak Rogers, RMIT University A Johannes Leak cartoon published in The Australian today, in which US Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden is depicted calling his vice-presidential running mate Kamala Harris a “little brown girl”, has drawn widespread condemnation. Several Australian politicians, including former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, have described the cartoon as [...]
  • Trump is refusing to give funding to the UPS so that universal-mail-in votes (postal votes) can be facilitated. The Democrats have labeled Trumps stance as unacceptable Joe Biden has stated that Trump doesn’t want an election. The idea of universal mail-in votes has been highlighted because of he COVID-19 pandemic. Postal voting would mean that people wouldn’t have to line up and putt [...]
  • Lorne sugar plantation in Mackay, 1874. State Library Queensland Paige Gleeson, University of Tasmania Scott Morrison says “we shouldn’t be importing” the Black Lives Matter movement. But in the 1800s, Australia imported plantation owners from the American South. Prior to the outbreak of the American Civil War, the American south produced almost all of the world’s cotton. As war [...]
  • Over 1 million Australians have downloaded the government’s app to fight COVID-19. The application designed as a track and trace mechanism and to assist in monitoring the spread of the disease was made available for download Sunday evening. Australia’s chief medical officer pleaded with Australians to download the app to help medical professionals, who are already overworked due to COVID-19, [...]
  • The Board of Virgin Australia has chosen to put the company into voluntary administration. With this announcement the Treasure, Josh Frydenberg said that the government was not going to bail out “five large foreign shareholders, with deep pockets, who together own 90% of this airline”. The Deputy Prime Minister said that there is a way forward for Virgin is the use of Jobkeeper. He [...]
  • Let’s cut to the chase, President Trump’s lies and inaction has lead to the death of over 41,000 Americans. Trump campaigned on the slogan “Make America Great Again” instead he has destroyed the United States. The US now accounts for 31% of the world’s cases of Covid19 and a quarter of all the deaths. This all started because he has a personal vendetta against [...]
  • Covid19: Qld 0 New Cases

    April 20, 2020

    For the first time in 81 days Queensland has had 0 new cases over night. This leaves Queensland with a total at around 1009. Minister Miles said “This is the reward for the effort we all put in over that Easter long weekend.” The Minster further stated that 20 remain in hospital with seven in intensive care. Premier Palaszczuk said she is overjoyed with the result. She also mentioned [...]
  • In a strong warning to New South Wales Queensland has said “back off – back right off. Just don’t go there!” If the world knows one thing, it knows this. There is nothing more dangerous than Queenslanders with their backs to the wall. Minister Dick said that Queensland will stop at nothing to ensure that the headquarters of virgin remains in Queensland. He also said that [...]
  • For the next five weeks starting tomorrow, Queensland students we will be having remote learning from home. To facilitate this the Queensland Government has organised an additional 5000 laptops for families in May, as well as 5000 SIM cards donated by Telstra. These arrangements have been put into place based on the health advice, where social distance is needed in schools for those students of [...]
  • Vice President Pence has announced that all 50 states and all territories of the USA are now under major disaster declarations. He also mentioned that for the first time in the USA’s history there are 33,000 National Guardsmen are on duty. This also includes a major disaster declaration for American Samoa. The Vice President also highlighted that 5500 active duty military personnel had been [...]

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