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  • Diana Sanchez, Rutgers University and Mary Himmelstein, University of Connecticut Men can expect to die approximately five years sooner than women, and men are more likely to die as a result of unintentional injury and suicide relative to women. These differences are not well explained by physiological differences between men and women. One possible explanation is that men are more reluctant to [...]
  • It is McDonald’s and KFC remain the ‘top dogs’ in the quick service restaurant industry. According to recent Roy Morgan research McDonald’s is visited by nearly a third of all Australians every four weeks, while KFC is now visited by nearly 4.7 million Australians. The research has found that 58% of Australians visit a fast food restaurant ever four weeks. It was also found that Over 3 [...]
  • Merlin Crossley, UNSW; Emma Johnston, UNSW, and Yanan Fan, UNSW University students, like many in society, demonstrate bias against women and particularly women from non-English speaking backgrounds. That’s the take home message from a new and comprehensive analysis of student experience surveys. The study examined a large dataset consisting of more than 500,000 student responses collected over [...]
  • A 22 year old man gang raped in Tunisia has been sentenced to 6 months jail for sodomy. He was also sentenced for two months for “slanderous denunciations” The court allegedly found that it was not a rape but a dispute following sexual intercourse. Charges were laid after the 22 year old man went to the local police for help. The police took him to the local hospital for an invasive [...]
  • Seriously, who doesn’t love sleep? Sleep is the best thing ever! And for those of us who love sleeping there is now even more good news. Researchers in Germany have discovered that sleep is not only relaxing but is also sometimes the best medicine you can get. The German researchers have found sleep can help your body’s immune system fight infection. The research has proven that your [...]
  • For the first time, transgender candidates will run for seats in #Bangladesh's National Parliament [...]
  • Say ‘no’ to that golden glow: Social media helps stop unhealthy tanning You are on the beach, you look around and you see all these people just lying there soaking up the rays. You think to your self “How Australian, look at the healthy glow”. They are young and fit, they look healthy and plus, vitamin D from the sun is crucial. However, there is no such thing as a healthy [...]
  • Hakeem Al-Araibi is to return to Australia after the case against him was dropped. Mr al-Araibi was detained in Bangkok more than two months ago for alleged vandalism offences in his native Bahrain. The ABC reports that the director-general of international affairs for the Thai Government has confirmed to that the Attorney-General requested the extradition case to Bahrain be dropped. Al-Araibi [...]
  • Mark Kenny, Australian National University Strangely enough, there’s a link between “Kevin07” as an electoral phenomenon and the recent successes of independents such as Kerryn Phelps (Wentworth), Cathy McGowan (Indi), and Rebekha Sharkie (Mayo). All three now hold once safe Coalition seats. And the link is one that may prove influential in 2019, particularly for Zali Steggall, who is [...]
  • Putting the kids in front of the TV is putting them in danger of obesity according to a recent study compared to other activities. This is particularly dangerous for boys who watch more TV than girls. The study by UniSA investigated the impact of different sitting behaviours – watching television, playing videogames, playing computer, sitting down to eat, or travelling in a car – [...]
  • Peter Lucas, University of Central Lancashire The idea that advertising, entertainment and news media are guilty of objectifying women is familiar enough to most of us. But recently the balance seems to have shifted, with concerns being expressed about the potential objectification of male actors in drama series such as Bodyguard and Poldark. So are liberated and independent women who decry the [...]
  • Mohammed El Hazzouri, Mount Royal University; Kelley Main, University of Manitoba, and Lisa Sinclair, University of Winnipeg For a long time, companies hesitated to feature LGBTQ couples in their advertising as they feared upsetting a large segment of consumers. To avoid such backlash, brands resorted to running what’s known as gay-vague advertising, which takes a more covert approach. These [...]
  • New South Wales Police have charged a woman following an alleged domestic violence-related stabbing in Pyrmont Thursday 7 February 2019. About 11pm emergency services were called to Bank Street, near the Western Distributor, following reports a man had been stabbed. Police have been told the pair had an argument, before the woman allegedly stabbed the 39-year old man in his torso. The injured man [...]

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