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  • The Food Safety Information Council published new research suggesting that more than 20 percent of Australians don’t always clean their hands after going to the toilet. Presenting the findings at the AOSDAC19 Cleaning & Hygiene Conference in Sydney Lydia Buchtmann, the Communication Director of the Council, said the findings showed that the threat to public health could be even greater [...]
  • Snapchat has appeared as one of the unexpected risks for Queensland motorists, with one in six motorists surveyed using Snapchat behind the wheel during a recent QUT survey. PhD researcher Verity Truelove from QUT’s Center for Accident Research and Road Safety Queensland (CARRS-Q) surveyed 503 Queensland motorists aged between 17 and 25 using the renowned social media app while on the road. [...]
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    (VOANews: Lameck Masina) MANGOCHI, MALAWI – Along the shores of Lake Malawi, poverty and food shortages are chronic problems, due to declining fish catches in the lake. Women facing hunger, or trying to feed their families, sometimes resort to having sex with fishermen in order to get something to eat.  Women carrying buckets each morning to buy fish at Lake Malawi is a common sight in [...]
  • You reach for your can of Coke. It’s feels nice and cool, you open it, you hear that fizz and you are anticipating it’s refreshing taste. But, are you drinking yourself to an early death? The answer is maybe. The study included 451, 743 people from 10 European countries. With participants recruited between January 1, 1992, and December 31, 2000. Soft drinks like Coke, Pepsi, and [...]
  • If you want to earn a high income in Australia, you’re often better off having no degree than having a bachelor degree in teaching. Shutterstock/Monkey Business Images Jonathan Nolan, Grattan Institute and Julie Sonnemann, Grattan Institute Depending on who you ask, our teachers are either some of the best paid in the world, or they’re underpaid. Here are the facts: Australian teachers get a [...]
  • (VOA News) – By Masood Farivar WASHINGTON – The White House’s suspension of a reporter’s press credentials earlier this month is drawing fire from press freedom advocates who say it’s an example of how the administration of U.S. President Donald Trump seeks to silence journalists and other critical voices. White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham [...]
  • Masafumi Monden, University of Western Australia The western world’s dance community rallied over the weekend, taking Good Morning America host Lara Spencer to task for her mockery of Prince George and his love of ballet. Under the hashtag #boysdancetoo, representatives of the dance world including Gene Kelly’s widow Patricia Ward, Fame’s Debbie Allen and So You Think You Can Dance US [...]
  • According to a recent study to determine if same sex behaviour is down to genetics and if it can be predicted, it has been found that there is no single “gay gene,” instead it is down to a complex mix of genetic and environmental influences, similar to what’s seen for most other human traits.  The study’s authors say, there are thousands of genetic variants linked to the trait, each [...]
  • Anthony Forsyth, RMIT University The Israel Folau termination case has dominated headlines for months now. Many Australians have been intrigued by the extent to which employers like Rugby Australia are able to control the social media activity of their employees – in Folau’s case, a high-profile player who tweeted his condemnation of homosexuals and others. He argues he has been sacked for [...]
  • New guidelines in Australia have been produced for transgender and gender diverse people (TGD) to receive better health care. The guidelines aim to help address a gap in education and understanding of how to provide appropriate care to transgender and gender diverse people. Lead author Dr. Ada Cheung wrote that the rise and demand for gender affirming hormone therapy mandates a need for more [...]
  • Mair Underwood, The University of Queensland Months after a public breakup with her husband, the politician Barnaby Joyce, Natalie Joyce made news when she displayed her “new” body in a bodybuilding competition. Joyce’s muscular appearance was described by some news organisations as a “revenge body”. Two years earlier, after taking “revenge” on ex-husband Lamar Odom with her body [...]
  • People need to understand one important thing about the ABC and the AFP raid – it’s about accountability. Many are defending the raid by saying that the ABC (and by extension any media organisation) is not above the law, and this is a troubling and disturbing defence. The issue is not that the ABC thinks it is immune to the law or above the law – It’s not. Most people [...]
  • Denis Muller, University of Melbourne In their raids on media organisations, journalists and whistleblowers, the Australian Federal Police have shown themselves to be the tool of a secretive, ruthless and vindictive executive government. Secretive because the extensive web of laws passed under the rubric of national security, on top of the secrecy provisions of the Commonwealth Crimes Act, gives [...]

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