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  • U.S. President Donald Trump’s legal battles to undo Democrat Joe Biden’s presumptive victory in the Nov. 3 presidential election faltered Friday as courts pushed back against allegations of voting irregularities and fraud. A Michigan judge rejected a bid by Republican Party supporters to prevent the certification of election results in the predominantly Democratic Detroit area, [...]
  • Trump’s claims that 2.7 million votes for him were deleted – are simply mathematically impossible. The main issue for Trump’s baseless claims is that he stated that 941,000 votes that were for him in Pennsylvania were deleted. However, this is just wrong. The company Dominion serves 14 counties In Pennsylvaniathat produced 1.3 million votes with a voter turnout of 76%. Fifty-two percent [...]
  • The ACTU has sounded the warning that the rejection of amendments to JobMaker by the federal government is likely to create a new wave of insecure work and risks displacing workers in existing jobs. Morrison Government rejected common safeguard amendments put forward by the ALP and the Greens and supported by Jacqui Lambie and Rex Patrick to the JobMaker hiring credit. The ACTU claims that in [...]
  • The Human Rights Law Centre reform is needed so the interests of the people, the planet, and future generations come before those of big political donors — in other words people and planet first before political ambitions. The Human Rights Law Centre and the Australian Conservation Foundation gave evidence to the Senate Finance and Public Administration Legislation Committee, reviewing the [...]
  • New climate modelling suggests that even ceasing all greenhouse gas emissions today might not be enough to stop global warming. The reduced complexity model suggests that even with no further emissions, global temperatures will rise enough for Arctic ice and permafrost to continue melting and thawing for hundreds of years—releasing their stored greenhouse gases into the atmosphere and reducing [...]
  • Donald Trump’s son Eric has been caught spreading false information and news related to the votes in Wisconsin. He falsely claimed that a system ‘Glitch’ uncovered in Wisconsin had added votes for Trump to Biden and that a reversal of swapped votes removes the lead from Joe Biden. However, the so called “glitch” was in a media system, not a voting system. Associated Press [...]
  • (Comment/Opinion) The evangelical, god fearing Prime Minister of Australia has failed the public morality test by refusing to deal with the allegations made public this week in the ABC’s Four Corner’s report. In fact he has past the buck and said that was an issue for the guy who came before him. In other words, victims be damned and those in power you’re safe. It doesn’t matter that it [...]
  • (VOA News) The U.S. Supreme Court heard oral arguments Tuesday in a Republican effort to strike down the Affordable Care Act health care law. The hearing comes weeks after Justice Amy Coney Barrett joined the court, giving conservatives a 6-3 majority. At the center of the case is a requirement in the 2010 law for most people to have a minimum level of health insurance or face a financial [...]
  • Evita March, Federation University Australia When US President-Elect Joe Biden and Deputy Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris gave their victory speeches on Saturday evening, local time, the tally of Electoral College votes showed they had decisively passed the crucial 270-vote threshold, delivering them to the White House this January. Tradition dictates the losing candidate also gives their own [...]
  • According to Australian research around 1 in 6 Australians drank more alcohol during the COVID19 pandemic – but around 1 in 6 Aussies also drank less. One reason for this could be because the pubs and clubs were shut. The survey of over 2,000 people found that overall the average number of drinks people drank per day did not change from 2019 to early in the epidemic. But young men, ended up [...]
  • Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan congratulates Joe Biden for his projected victory in the US election. The Turkish president extended his congratulations to president-elect Joe Biden on Tuesday, who was projected on November 7 to be the winner of the 2020 presidential election. President Erdoğan said “I believe that strong cooperation and ties between our countries will continue to [...]
  • (By Ken Bredemeier-VOA) WASHINGTON – With U.S. President Donald Trump refusing to concede his electoral defeat and claiming fraud in the vote count, his administration has not yet started assisting the projected winner, President-elect Joe Biden, in the initial stages of taking control of the government. A government agency in Washington, the General Services Administration, has the [...]
  • If the House of Representatives selects the president, each state would get a single vote – not one vote per House member. iStock/Getty Donald Brand, College of the Holy Cross President Donald Trump’s campaign is challenging results of battleground states with lawsuits, hoping to litigate its way to a win in the 2020 election. But the Founding Fathers meant for Congress – not the courts – [...]

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