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  • Westminster Magistrates’ Court: A UK judge has found Australian Julian Assange WikiLeaks founder guilty of breaching his bail. His supporters packed the public gallery. The verdict was quick Judge Michael Snow after Julian Assange appeared in court. The Australian‘s defence was that he couldn’t expect a fair trial in British courts as the United Kingdom’s purpose was to [...]
  • UK police have arrested WikiLeaks founder Australian Julian Assange after he left the Ecuadorian Embassy.  WikiLeaks has alleges that Ecuador illegally terminated Assange’s political asylum in violation of international law. The police have taken Assange into custody at a central London police station where he will remain. Assange will be presented before Westminster [...]
  • As the Prime Minister announced the election in the Prime Minister’s courtyard in Canberra he boldly declared that the election is about trust between him and Bill Shorten. The question is can ScoMo be trusted? The short is answer is no. The reality is the economy weak and there is no energy policy after 6 years from 3 Prime Ministers. This morning gross national debt is $535.8 billion, [...]
  • The Prime Minister has declared that the date for the election is the 18th of May. Tony Burke, Manger for Opposition business, says that one of the consequences of calling an election on a Thursday instead of Sunday is to stop Senate Estimates hearings. In my portfolio alone this shuts down questions to the CSIRO about the Adani approval and Murray Darling hearings scheduled for Friday now [...]
  • AMA President, Dr Tony Bartone, say the AMA welcomes Labor’s plan to make a significant investment to ease the cancer experience of Australian patients and their families. Dr Bartone says that the Labor Party has backed its broad policy with significant funding to cover consultations, scans, tests, and medication. “It is a sad reality that every Australian is touched by the scourge of [...]
  • Jock Collins, University of Technology Sydney This article is part of a series examining the Coalition government’s record on key issues while in power and what Labor is promising if it wins the 2019 federal election. Immigration policy will be a major issue in the 2019 federal election. We know this because immigration has featured significantly at every Australian election since the 2001 [...]
  • Joo-Cheong Tham, University of Melbourne The Coalition government’s use of taxpayer money for political advertising – as much as A$136 million since January, according to Labor figures – is far from an aberration in Australia. It is part of a sordid history in which public resources have routinely been abused for electoral advantage. For example, the Coalition governments of Tony Abbott [...]
  • The Prime Minister is expected to call the federal election this morning. The ABC reports he will drive to Government House to meet with the GovernorGeneral. Both the Prime Minister and Labor Leader Mr Shorten have spent the past week in faux-election mode, visiting marginal seats and spruiking their campaign messages. In an attempt to hold on to power and deflect questions about the election the [...]
  • The United States is in a dangerous, self perpetuating violent love affair with guns. The sad fact is, Gun violence in the United States constitutes a serious public health crisis, causing more than 30 000 deaths annually. That is 30,000 deaths that could have been prevented – 30,000 needless deaths of men, women and children. Mass shootings contribute to only a small fraction of this [...]
  • Michelle Stratemeyer, University of Melbourne; Adriana Vargas Saenz, University of Melbourne, and Elise Holland, University of Melbourne A man sits in a doctor’s office after months of his wife’s increasingly desperate pleas for him to seek professional help for his constant coughing. In the end, she was the one who booked his appointment and even drove him there. Another man is meeting with [...]
  • The ACTU, the peak body for trade unions in Australia has said that regular, real wage rises would provide a financial boost for struggling workers ‘dozens of times’ larger than income tax cuts likely to be announced in the federal budget tonight according to new research from the Centre for Future Work. ACTU President Michele O’Neil said “Tax cuts can’t replace wage growth. This [...]
  • While there are many who wish to fight the diversity in Australia, who wish to fan hate and encourage violence against ethnic minorities, the reality is Australia truly is a nation of migrants and is better for it. In the latest Australian Bureau of Statistics, the figures show that there were over 7 million migrants living in Australia in 2018. Australian Bureau of Statistics Assistant Director [...]
  • The budget that was handed door last night was nothing but a cynical plan to distract from the last 6 years of cuts and chaos. The tax cuts in it are put of the plan. They are not designed to help because – they won’t due to bracket creep – but as a bribe leading into the election. This cynical ploy of distraction comes at the expense of Australian with disabilities and the [...]

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