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  • People need to understand one important thing about the ABC and the AFP raid – it’s about accountability. Many are defending the raid by saying that the ABC (and by extension any media organisation) is not above the law, and this is a troubling and disturbing defence. The issue is not that the ABC thinks it is immune to the law or above the law – It’s not. Most people [...]
  • Denis Muller, University of Melbourne In their raids on media organisations, journalists and whistleblowers, the Australian Federal Police have shown themselves to be the tool of a secretive, ruthless and vindictive executive government. Secretive because the extensive web of laws passed under the rubric of national security, on top of the secrecy provisions of the Commonwealth Crimes Act, gives [...]
  • Key Points: Every day there are more than 1 million new cases of curable sexually transmitted infections (STIs) among people aged 15-49 years On average, approximately 1 in 25 people globally have at least one of these STIs among men and women aged 15–49 years, there were 127 million new cases of chlamydia in 2016, 87 million of gonorrhoea, 6.3 million of syphilis and 156 million of [...]
  • Well, Australia, welcome to the new “Third Reich“. With the raid on the ABC office, it is safe to say that free press and by extension Australia’s liberal democracy and are officially dead. The raid on the ABC office is not about Homeland Security, or the publishing of sensitive information. What it is truly about is the silencing of the press within Australia. The reality is [...]
  • Michelle Grattan, University of Canberra Labor’s finance spokesman Jim Chalmers has confirmed he is considering standing for Labor leader, which would put him up against leftwinger Anthony Albanese, who is already campaigning hard for the position. Chalmers, 41, from the right and a Queenslander, told the ABC’s Q&A:“I want to play a substantial role in the rebuilding of our electoral [...]
  • With the unexpected election loss on Saturday and Shorten’s resignation the Labor party will need a new leader. How will this happen? First: The National Executive will meet later this week to formally establish the process for the election of a new Leader. Second: Nominations for the new Leader will be opened at a meeting of the Parliamentary Party – as we know now this will not [...]
  • With the re-election of the Morrison Government the public service is set to lose 3000 jobs amd another $1.5 billion slashed from Commonwealth agencies. CPSU National Secretary Nadine Flood said: “This $1.5 billion dollar cut to Commonwealth agencies, putting 3000 jobs at risk, is the Coalition’s final insult to public sector workers and all Australians who rely on the essential services they [...]
  • Staff at the ABC have been warned that the ABC’s budget will be cut by $14.6 million after the Coalition’s re-election. The Guardian reports that David Anderson has told staff that the national broadcaster was facing a “budget challenge”. He has indicated that jobs will be cut due to the financial situation to make money available for content. Labor had promised to the ABC [...]
  • Kerryn Phelps is planning to concede defeat to the Liberal Dave Sharma following Saturday’s federal election. Ms Phelps won the seat in the October by-election following Turnbull’s resignation. With about 75 per cent of the ballots Mr Sharma leads by almost 2,000 votes. The ABC reports a spokesman for Dr Phelps said she was “not disputing” the result and would make a [...]
  • THE uncoupling of health care from aged care is a worrying trend that “does not serve the rights of older people in residential care to equitable access to health care”, according to the author of a Perspective published online today by the Medical Journal of Australia. The extent of known poor clinical care includes: * overprescribing of antipsychotics; * prevalence and severity of chronic [...]
  • “…no human can tame the tongue. It is unruly and injurious…” James 3:8 “Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me” How many times have you said that as kid deflect any bullying that was directed at you? According to a recent study conducted by Griffith University, names can hurt. The research focused on how How fat-shaming leads to people hating [...]
  • Adrian Beaumont, University of Melbourne Updated Sunday, May 19 With 75% of votes counted in the election, the ABC is projecting that the Coalition will win 74 of the 151 seats, to 66 for Labor and six crossbenchers. Six seats remain in doubt, so the Coalition is likely to reach the 76 seats required for a majority. The Coalition gained the northern Tasmanian seats of Bass and Braddon, the [...]
  • Geoffrey Robinson, Deakin University The election result was a triumph for the Coalition and a defeat for pundits. The result is even more striking when the drift to the left of public opinion is considered – over the past decade, surveys have found that voters have become more supportive of income redistribution, gay and lesbian rights and climate change action. There were many causes of [...]

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