China Rejects UN Criticism in North Korea Rights Probe

(VOA) China is rejecting the charge of a U.N. human rights inquiry that suggested Beijing was aiding and abetting crimes against humanity by returning defectors to its ally, North Korea.

Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said Tuesday that China cannot accept what she called the “unreasonable accusation” made in the inquiry’s report, published a day earlier.

The U.N. report said many North Koreans forcibly repatriated by China have been subject to torture, summary execution and various forms of sexual violence upon their return to Pyongyang.

Beijing has long portrayed North Korean defectors as criminals or economic migrants. At a daily news briefing, Hua said the Chinese government does not refer to them as “refugees,” but as “illegal border crossers.”

Around 20,000 North Koreans have fled their country, mainly through China, since a famine in the 1990s.

They were fleeing a country whose leaders were described in the U.N. report Monday as committing crimes against humanity without “any parallel in the contemporary world.”

The report said North Korea has systematically exterminated, tortured and enslaved its people, ordered forced abortions, and persecuted people on political, religious, racial and gender grounds.

It called for the international community to take urgent action to refer the North Korean government to the International Criminal Court for prosecution. It has also suggested the establishment of an ad hoc U.N. tribunal.

However, even before the report’s release, China, a permanent member of the U.N. Security Council, said it would veto any such move.

North Korean diplomats in Geneva dismissed the report, saying it was an “instrument of a political plot aimed at sabotaging the socialist system.”

48 % Say Government Didn’t Do Enough For Car Industry In Australia

In a recent essential media poll 48% of respondents said that the Federal government did not do enough to save the car manufacturing industry in Australia.

In the space of six months Australia has seen the collapse of Holden and Toyota  in Australia.
The right-wing coalition Liberal National party have tried to blame workers and their conditions as well as their unions for the departure of the two major manufacturing giants.
Why the car manufacturing companies said in reality it was due to the lack of assistance and support from the Federal government and also the rising Australian dollar.
Those most likely to think the Government did not do enough were aged 18-34 (52%).


Julie Bishop wants to normalise ties with Fijian dictatorship “To help Fiji return to democracy”


Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop has said that she hopes to restore ties between Australia and Fiji and its dictatorial government.

In an interview with the Australian network Foreign Minister Julie Bishop said “We want to normalise relations with Fiji. We want to build the political ties, the defence ties, the economic ties again.”

The current Fijian government , known as the interim government, came to power after  coup in 2006.  Since then the government has trampled on human rights and workers rights within the Country. Opponents to the dictatorial government and Unionists have been arrested en masse and persecuted.

Foreign journalists have also been barred from working in the country and entering the country as well.

A new constitution for the country was drawn up by the dictatorship in which it fell far from the International standards of human rights. The new constitution actually weakens human rights and protections within the country.

During the 2013 federal election campaign Julie Bishop said that she would work towards working with the dictatorial government to Fiji.

Fiji is expected to have elections in September this year. However many are saying that the elections will not be fair.

Queensland Parliament House 
Photo ©Real-Media One Group Aaron Watson

Queensland Unemployment Rate Rises to 6.1% Under Newman’s LNP- Another Promise To Queensland Broken

Queensland highlighted in red
Queensland highlighted in red

Queensland’s unemployment rate has risen to 6.1 % under the Campbell Newman lead government 2 years fatter he had promised that unemployment would be cut to 4%.

Queensland Shadow Treasure Curtis Pitt stated “The fall in jobs in Queensland in January of 11,700 is the largest fall of any State or Territory in the nation. It’s yet another broken promise that is making life difficult for families, on top of the record electricity and water bills that Campbell Newman promised to lower.” Mr Pitt also said “..people cannot believe a word this Treasurer says on jobs figures. He flip-flops between seasonally adjusted and trend figures as it suits him”

This is once again another example of the Queensland Liberial-National Government that has failed in its promises and the people of Queensland.

Mr Pitt correctly pointed out  “All the while, this Premier wastes $2.6 billion on his own personal skyscraper project, something he failed to tell the people of Queensland about prior to the last election. The Premier has no plan to create Queensland jobs. He has no plan to lower electricity and water bills, even though he promised Queenslanders he’d do so.”

Attack On Trade Unions And Working Rights Begins In Australian Parliament

1024px-Parliament_House_Canberra_Dusk_Panorama copyLiberal Member of Parliament Andrew Buchholz fired the first shot in the attack on unions in Federal Parliament  today to lay the ground work for the dismantling of the rights and functions of trade unions. He alleged that “there has been an abundance of….claims by senior union officials claiming unlawful activity, corruption, organised crime, and involvement in standover tactics, kickbacks and so on” He forgot to mention that some construction companies had been paying bribes to union officials and in some instances tried to bribe union officials.  

The Liberal National Coalition government have been over exaggerating claims of union corruption and are refusing to allow the police to investigate their allegations, instead opting for a political witch hunt in the guise of a royal commission.

This is following the same line that has been used in state parliaments around Australia that have sort to restrict the operations of unions and to disenfranchise their members from having a say and to limit criticism of the conservative right wing governments from the trade union movement and the left.

In related news Brendon O’Connor ,ALP member for Gorton, highlighted the opposition had serious concerns with respect to the government’s intentions to undermine penalty rates for workers in Australia along with how the government’s alarming submission to Fair Work Australia’s review of workplace awards has revealed the extent of the Prime Minister’s desire to diminish or remove penalty rates. Mr O’Connor said he is reliably informed that the government intends to appoint Work Choices friendly members to an appellate court to review any decisions made by the full bench of the Fair Work Commission, including submissions to review penalty rates.

21 Imprisoned Unionists In Cambodia Denied Bail

Cambodia_flag21 Imprisoned unionists in Cambodia have been denied bail. The 21 Cambodian Unionists were arrested during a demonstration ,in January, being held by unionists and human rights defenders in Phnom Penh in response to the treatment of garment factory workers and their work place rights and conditions. The Cambodian garment workers and unions  initiated a general strike seeking an increase in minimum wage from US$80 per month to US$160.

The demonstration was attacked by the Cambodian government which left 5 workers dead and more than 40 injured. The Unionists were charged with intentional violence and destruction of property.

Unions around Cambodia have threatened a nation wide strike if the unionists are not released immediately.   Their plight prompted protests in recent weeks at some Cambodian embassies overseas. International rights groups and unions have also expressed support for those arrested.

The International Trade Union Confederation has condemned the imprisonment of the unionists and undertook a high-level mission to Cambodia in January to call for the release of the jailed workers, for an independent investigation into the killing and wounding of workers in January, for all parties to respect freedom of association, and for the government to increase the minimum wage from the unsustainable $100 per month as soon as possible.


With Abbott As “Best Friend Of The Workers” – Workers Don’t Need An Enemy

Troy Constable Photography - Flickr
Troy Constable Photography – Flickr

As Leader of the Opposition Tony Abbott, claimed to be the ‘best friend of Australian workers’ and that he wanted to see ‘higher wages and more jobs’. With friends like the Prime Minister who needs an enemy when you are a worker. When a business is in jeopardy or closes the Prime Minster blames the workers – what a “great friend” he is, instead of comforting his “friends” when they are in trouble he blames them. It is not just him who shoves the blame on to the worker, his whole front bench does.

It is becoming clear the conservative right wing Liberal-National government is consumed with implementing a right wing ideological project at the expense of a Australian jobs especially in manufacturing. It is as if they are deliberately destroying the country to create a situation so they can be its “saviour”.

The most resent announcement about Toyota leaving Australia has been described in parliament by Andrew Giles ,the member for Scullen, as “a national tragedy…The human cost is incalculable”. Mr Giles continued with “These closures are symptomatic of a government without a plan and, what is worse, a government that seeks to deflect blame onto workers who are the victims of this indolence.”

With a friend like Prime Minister Tony Abbott, Australian workers don’t need an enemy.

Even Split Between ALP and Liberal-National Coalition For Voting Intention

A recent poll conducted by Essential Media Communications on voting intentions shows that voter support for the Liberal National coalition has dropped by 2.6% since the September 7 election. While the Australian Labour Party has increased by 3% and the Palmer United party has gone from 5.5% down to 3%.

When it came to the two parties preferred vote Labor has increased 4% from the September 7 election while the Liberal National coalition has fallen by 3.5% making it an even split between the two parties.

Respondents to the survey also said that unemployment, wealth disparity any inflation where the economic issues that they were most concerned about.

The survey also highlighted that 36% of Liberal National Coalition voters said the border security what are the major concern to them while 44% of greens and 28% of labour voters said that climate change was that a significant issue for them.

NSW Liberal Party’s Double Standards Brought To Light – NSW Resumes Accepting Corporate Donations For 2015 Elections After Fighting To Have Them Banned

The SMH is reporting that the NSW Liberal Party has started to accept coporate donations for the 2015 State elections. This comes just a few short months after lawyers for the Liberal government argued that such donations would be a corrupting influence and sort a ban on political donations from corporations.

The ban was challenged in the high court last year by the trade union movement as it would impede on their and others freedom of political expressions, especially the ability of unions affiliated to the Labor party to make political donations to the ALP. The NSW Liberal government had highlighted that donations from corporations and others would “undermine the integrity of governmental process”. they also stated that threats to the integrity of governmental process included from overt corruption to insidious forms of influence. The High Court struck down the ban. This is also happening with the Federal LNP political with hunt in Unions as a back drop.

It has become clear the the New South Wales Liberal Government has lost any moral high ground in fighting corruption after arguing in court to end political donations from corporations because they could have a corrupting influence and “undermine the integrity of governmental process” to accepting political donations from corporations. Greens MP John Kaye has stated “Every dollar they take… tarnishes their reputation”.

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